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Biography  -  Introduction

Jay Heryet's first steps into the realms of woodturning were taken by accident.

During years living in New Zealand in the mid-1990s and enrolling on a woodworking course, her thoughts were more of tables and cabinets rather than hollow forms and chasing threads.  In a moment of workshop exploration, she discovered a lathe, and was immediately smitten.

Since that time, the woodturning process and its creative possibilities have continued to enthral;  charged with a fascination for the medium, driven to create curves which she sees, hears and feels.

"The immediacy and spontaneity of shaping timber on a lathe is such a joy; I feel a relationship with the timber and this creates an inner peace".

She maintains that form and sensuous curves are paramount in the work, be it in creating finished works or a medium upon which to apply further creative processes.


Jay has been honoured to demonstrate at numerous woodturning clubs across the UK, Ireland and USA. Also at the  Max Carey Woodturning Trust in Bristol.

Seminars include the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain, Irish Woodturners Guild, Ripon, Utah symposium and at the Association of American Woodturners convention in the USA.

Whilst mainly self-taught, Jay is quick to acknowledge those many people who have helped along the way. She considers herself privileged to have had the opportunity to study with some of the best turners and artists in the world.